Interview Process

Phone Interview

Our interview process begins with a Google Hangout or Zoom call with your department's hiring manager. Be ready to talk about your background and experience, but we also want to get to know you beyond what you have on paper! We will also cover some technical questions to understand your experience better.

We also love when you’ve done a bit of research about Tatari beforehand and come prepared with questions about the company. It’s important to us that your goals align with ours, so we highly encourage you to ask us questions to ensure that this isn’t just a great fit for us, but for you too.

Programming Exercise

If your phone interview goes well, you’ll receive an email from us with an attachment of your Homework Assignment. The homework presents a small programming challenge and asks that you build a solution. 

We like Homework Assignments for a variety of reasons, but primarily because we believe it’s the best way to find A+ players. The purpose of giving these homework assignments isn’t to get you to do free work, but to understand how you approach the assignment. We care more about your reasoning than the actual result. If you’re interested, you can read more about why our CEO, Philip, prefers Homework Assignments on our blog

After completing your assignment, please send it back to our HR Manager. We will then review your assignment and notify you whether we will be moving you forward in the process. Note: For some positions, we may ask you to present your assignment in a Google Hangout or at your on-site interview.

Tips: When completing your Homework Assignment, we encourage you to be detailed and ask a lot of questions. The assignments aren’t set up for you to fail, so please ask as many questions as you need. We primarily want to understand how you think. Show us what strengths you bring to the table and how you apply them. This is a great opportunity to make yourself stand out.

Meet the Team

At your on-site interview, you’ll have lunch with the team. The lunch will take place either before or after your actual interview depending on its timing. We know interviewing can be stressful, so we hope lunch with us will help you relax. We also hope you consider this as an opportunity to learn more about us and our culture. Remember, you’re interviewing us too! We all love working together so we hope you walk away excited to join our team. 

Your interview will consist of 3 different technical sessions with different members of the Engineering team. Similar to the homework assignment, the technical sessions are meant for you to show off your technical skills but also for us to understand your thought process as you tackle a question. We also want to see how you take suggestions from the team and incorporate those into your solution.

Job Offer

After your in-person interview, we have a feedback session with all the interviewers to share our thoughts. After discussing, the department hiring manager will make the final decision and notify the Head of People.

You should expect to hear from our Head of People typically 1-2 days after your interview to either discuss the offer or provide reasons why we have decided to not move forward.

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