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Tatari is a data and analytics company focused on buying and measuring ads across TV and streaming platforms. While we take pride in what our data reveals for optimizing your campaigns, our team partners with you every step of the way from getting your creative ready, to launching your pilot campaign, and finding your audiences at scale. Through a combination of technology, data science and service, we make TV advertising feel like digital.

Linear + Streaming

Tatari offers complex measurement that goes beyond the standard network, daypart or creative performance such as demographic studies, analyses of your creatives, brand response measurement, to full-blown media-mix testing. The Tatari dashboard utilizes a proprietary data science methodology to show the true incremental lift from an ad campaign and when people take action on your website or app after viewing an ad; whether it's minutes after viewing or 30 days later. We speak your language and reveal the performance metrics that matter most to you.

Media Buying

We lead the industry in buying TV media with our smart and agile media buying tools. Ad agencies focus on projected ratings and impressions but we rely heavily on data, analytics, and predictive intelligence to inform your media buying strategy. Whether that’s buying programmatically on streaming platforms or through live programs, we look behind the scenes at how each creative, network, and audience performed.

Partners and Integrations

We integrate with leading attribution, creative, and consulting partners to make it easy for you to get started and scale on TV.

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Looking for another channel to drive acquisition at scale? Want to drive awareness of your brand to mass audiences on premium airings? Linear TV can do that and more.

Reach new audiences on streaming

Looking to reach new audiences? The trend of people consuming content on OTT and Connected TV will only continue. See why advertising on streaming TV services should be part of your media plan.