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Today's performance-focused brands are turning to TV advertising to increase scale and diversify their media mix beyond search and social. Agencies use Tatari’s platform to offer their clients TV advertising that is efficient and accountable, just like digital. With Tatari, agencies can buy, plan, and measure TV campaigns based on outcomes in a single UI across both linear and streaming TV.

Linear + Streaming

Tatari’s measurement methodologies were designed for TV. Rather than use metrics that were made for digital, Tatari’s platform utilizes data science for measurement methodologies that go beyond views or impressions and use closed-loop attribution to track metrics that matter to performance and brand marketers like visits, installs, and purchases. Easy to customize dashboards show you and your clients network, daypart, or creative performance, the true incremental lift from an ad campaign, and when people take action on their website or app after viewing an ad-- whether it's minutes after viewing or 30 days later.

Media Buying

Unlike other platforms, Tatari’s Campaign Manager allows you to buy both linear and streaming/ connected TV in one place with the data and tools you need to quickly build a robust TV media plan. The Campaign Manager uses real-time data allowing you to make buying decisions that leverage viewership data from Smart TVs, historical rate data, and predictive intelligence.

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