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Focus on Business Outcomes with Precise Measurement

Next-Day Results

Unlike panel-based measurement that can take weeks or even months to see campaign results, Tatari’s platform shows TV performance the day after a spot airs. We also use a proprietary measurement solution, DragFactor, to calculate what total ad response will be over time. Dashboards can be customized with the metrics your clients care about the most to quickly assess performance and optimize campaigns—just like you do with other digital advertising channels.

Granular Reporting in Our Dashboard and Yours

Tatari’s reporting tools allow you to perform deep campaign analysis to see precisely how creatives, networks, and streaming platforms performed in a given week. Using S3 buckets, you can automate the ingestion of granular campaign data into other internal tools or multi-touch attribution platforms to compare results across channels and perform additional analysis.

Data and rates are not real and are for illustrative purposes.

Precise Attribution

Tatari gathers IP-level data for every single impression delivered. This is not only used for tracking campaign delivery and running frequency optimizations, but also for view-through and incremental attribution. Incrementality is achieved by measuring campaigns in a way that separates net new visitors, buyers or installers, from users that would have taken an action - such as visiting a site, making a purchase, or downloading an app - even if they hadn’t seen the ad. See our explainer video here.

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