Scale on TV

Data & Analytics-
not an agency approach

We believe the best way to find your audience on TV is to constantly test and iterate, not rely on assumptions or where your competitors advertise.

Customer acquisition,
just like digital marketing

The old days of waiting weeks or months to see metrics like GRP are no longer efficient for marketers focused on performance. Tatari surfaces metrics that matter like customer acquisition costs (CAC), cost-per-visitor (CPV), and cost-per-install (CPI).

Next day results

Working with Tatari means most, if not all of your airings are reported on a next day basis- allowing you to learn and optimize faster.

Get started with a small investment

Tatari does not require a commitment or minimum spend. As a matter of fact, we like when our clients start small and grow profitably, with confidence and peace of mind.

Use of IP-level data

We use IP level data from smart TVs to optimize campaigns at higher investment levels, whether it is to measure Reach/Frequency or to measure the delayed response on a campaign.

Driving Mobile Acquisition Through TV Campaigns

Find out how TV can help mobile marketers who have maxed out digital channels reach new audiences and drive user acquisition.

Brand Measurement Study

Download this study to learn how we used closed-loop analysis to measure incremental brand impact on a mobile client.