On-Demand Performance

Reach people where they watch

There is an entire landscape of ad-supported streaming content, but it can be a challenge for marketers because most people watch many services. A piecemeal approach, where marketers go to individual streaming services on a one-by-one basis, is inefficient. Tatari has access to inventory across a wide range of streaming services, allowing marketers to easily expand their reach with consistent measurement across the board.

Measuring Incrementality

Incrementality is achieved by measuring campaigns in a way that separates net new visitors, buyers or installers, from the users that would have already visited, purchased or downloaded even if they hadn’t seen the ad. Tatari’s unique methodology utilizes the IP address where the impression is delivered, site visits, control groups, and a dynamic baseline that is continuously recalculated to account for short-term changes.

Campaign Tracking

Tatari gathers IP-level data for every single impression delivered. This is not only used in measurement, but also for tracking campaign delivery and running frequency optimizations, including frequency capping.

Audience segments

As streaming TV advertising converges to digital, we can help you reach very specific audience segments by working with 3rd party vendors (e.g. Experian), often leveraging your 1st party data. We will help you define, build and execute plans that meet your specific targeting parameters, whether demographic or psychographic in nature.

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