Our Story

TV advertising has always been the same. Bought, sold, served and measured using outdated processes by incumbent players.

We know this system no longer works. We know it’s time for a change.

Imagine instead a future where data science and TV advertising converge to perform like digital. A future where you can buy, traffic, measure and scale TV campaigns accurately in real-time. As advertisers who were once in your shoes we understand how to make TV work no matter what the size or budget.

Our goal is to provide the knowledge and transparency needed to give you the competitive edge, and to create a clear way forward for advertisers everywhere.
At Tatari we are bringing you the future of TV, today.

Our Team

Our executive team is comprised of previous founders and senior leaders at fast-rising startups like Shazam, TrueCar, AdapTV, LKQD, LiveRail, Remixation, and TubeMogul as well as larger, more established tech companies like Adobe, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Stripe, and Yahoo. We purposefully focused on building out teams with whip-smart individuals that don’t come from ad agencies—most of us are engineers and data scientists by training, and we’re focused on building technology that helps us operate leaner and faster—giving our clients a competitive edge.


Our clients come from all stages; from TV novices to experienced advertisers, and different industries, such as financial, insurance, fashion, gaming, home goods, and healthcare. We understand how to partner with brands no matter the stage or size of budget - and because their success is our success, we take a different approach that puts their goals first.