We are Tatari

an entirely new data-driven approach to

purchasing TV advertising

Introducing the concept of efficiency buys.

While historically TV inventory has been purchased around shows and most recently audiences, we help advertisers discern and buy television advertising spots that create the maximum lift, whether they be sales, web visits, or other metrics.

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We work directly with advertisers, large or small.

There is no cost to our analytics and we can work with you in various capacities (even a post-campaign analysis).

We would particularly love to hear from you if TV advertising is new and you’re not sure where to begin. TV advertising doesn’t have to be expensive — we can help you set up a top-notch national campaign for less than $50,000, all-in.


From data to creative,
our partner roster is growing

Data Companies

Tatari has an insatiable appetite for data, whether ad occurrences, audience/ratings data, demographic data, advertising cost data, or general clickstream activity. Contact us to explore a potential license agreement to Tatari.

Creative Production

We're always looking for talented and scrappy teams to partner with to produce quality and performing creatives for our customers. If this fits your description, we would love to hear from you.

About Us

A team of TV advertisers just like you.

We were novices, gullible, and managed to make every mistake possible in this industry. After much trial and error, we have become experts. TV is unquestionably the most powerful advertising medium available. We want to share our experiences with you and take your company to the next level.

Can't wait to get your hands on our platform?

Send us a note and we will gladly get you going with our alpha product.