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Lowering acquisition costs by retargeting TV's biggest buy

Fiverr Partners with Tatari on its First Super Bowl Campaign

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers across the globe. In 2020, interest in freelance services (and remote work in general) surged as work-from-home life became the new normal. This uptick created the perfect opportunity for Fiverr to tell its story to the world, and do so on TV’s biggest stage—Super Bowl LV.


Customer Acquisition Costs

Campaign Objectives

Person Plus Knockout

Increase Awareness

Improve the overall awareness of Fiverr and the freelance community as a whole; specifically during a time (2020) where remote work became the new normal.


Heighten Consideration

Drive website traffic and elevate consideration of Fiverr on TV’s biggest stage with a creative that was big, bold, and culturally relevant.

Funnel Knockout

Drive Conversions

Retarget website visitors on streaming TV; serving them additional Fiverr ads in order to move them down the purchase funnel and generate new sign-ups.


The team at Fiverr wanted to create a spot that was entertaining, humorous, and culturally relevant. But they knew they couldn’t just invest in one creative and call it a victory. They wanted to work with Tatari to craft a strategic, holistic 360° campaign focused on increasing brand awareness with their initial creative, and then serving interested consumers additional advertisements to move them down the purchase funnel.

To do this, Tatari leverages machine learning and predictive intelligence to secure the optimum timeslot for Fiverr’s initial creative. Next, a pixel was on Fiverr’s website which captured immediate and website traffic. These visitors were then retargeted across linear and streaming TV with additional Fiverr ads, with the goal of converting these interested individuals into Fiverr account holders.

“Retargeting was an important piece of this post-Super Bowl campaign. We had the ability to take that first Super Bowl impression, and then follow up with...additional Fiverr ads to bring [viewers] down the purchase funnel. Working with Tatari helped us be efficient, and optimize as much as possible post-Super Bowl”



When it was all said and done, acquisition costs related to Fiverr’s Super Bowl campaign were 75% lower than their traditional TV campaigns. They also witnessed a massive spike in web traffic immediately after their ad aired, and while this traffic inherently decreased, it has since normalized at a level significantly higher than their pre-Super Bowl benchmark. We’re giving this campaign the MVP!

Fiverr's Super Bowl campaign drove a massive spike in website traffic post-airing.

See their Creative

Super Bowl Creative

Fiverr Super Bowl Creative Overlay

Retargeting Creative

Fiverr Retargeting Creative Overlay

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