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Growth Spotlight

Applying a performance-focused creative strategy to TV advertising

Lively Turns to TV After Seeing Diminishing Returns on Digital

Lively is a brand that inspires women to live passionately, purposefully, and confidently.

Their product line includes bras, bralettes, swimwear, and more; all constructed of the highest quality, and at an affordable price. As with many high-growth brands, Lively began to reach a saturation point with their digital & social spend. As digital rates continued to climb, they turned to Tatari to help them apply their outcome-driven strategy to TV.

Lively Results

Campaign Objectives


Expand Reach

Increase awareness of Lively’s brand and product offerings with an audience that spans from coast to coast.

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Improve Efficiency

Lower customer acquisitions costs, at scale, in comparison to owned digital & social channels.

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Drive Purchases

Increase site traffic and ultimately transition interested consumers into paying customers.


Lively’s creative strategy was the first element this partnership tackled. They knew their creatives needed to be tailored by channel, and that traditionally, finding the right levers to pull for a successful TV spot could be challenging. Thankfully, Tatari helps brand optimize their TV campaigns in near-real time; and that includes creative performance. 

Through rigorous A/B testing across various creative lengths, styles, and elements, Lively was able to identify their top performers and scale spend accordingly. This allowed them to hit their cost per visitor (CPV) goal—which they hoped to hit by the end of their 8-week campaign—in just a week of airing! Additionally, these winning creatives featured employees and members of their ambassador program, further cementing their brand voice (and inspirational mission) to their target audience.

“Since we started [advertising on] TV, we’ve seen a halo effect of improvement across our other digital channels, which is a great added bonus to direct sales we’ve seen. TV [will play] a big role in our media mix moving forward. We find it’s a great way to reach a broad audience at an efficient cost.”



Lively began testing TV advertising to combat the rising acquisition costs they were experiencing in their digital and social marketing efforts. They had also experienced a saturation point among their target audience, and turned to TV to expand the reach of their advertising dollars. 

Utilizing a comprehensive creative strategy—highlighted by rigorous A/B testing to identify the optimum length and creative elements necessary to drive lower-funnel performance—Lively was able to exceed their cost per visit goal for the entire campaign in just one week of airing. Their creatives also featured Lively employees, and members of their ambassador program; a compelling way to let their brand voice shine through.

Lively was able to exceed their cost-per-visit (CPV) goal for the entire campaign in just one week of airing.

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