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Applying a Brand-Focused TV Strategy to Drive Awareness

Saatva Drives Upper-Funnel Results & Outshines Competitors with TV Campaign

Founded in 2010, Saatva is a DTC luxury mattress brand that produces handcrafted, eco-friendly mattresses made to order in the U.S.A. and hand-delivered to your home.

Saatva’s media mix primarily consisted of acquisition marketing channels like paid search, affiliate, and referral marketing. To drive further scale and establish Saatva as a leading brand in the competitive mattress industry, Saatva decided to test TV.





Campaign Objectives

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Brand Building

Increase awareness of Saatva’s offerings while establishing their brand as a household name.

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Drive Revenue

Boost site traffic and conversions through increased brand awareness.

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Improve Efficiency

Reach the largest audience possible at the lowest possible cost.


Their team quickly learned about the power of TV as a brand-building marketing channel. Not only did their TV campaign drive a significant increase in branded search volume and branded search-generated revenue, it also created a halo effect across their other performance marketing channels. This allowed them to maintain a low CPV (cost-per-visitor) while maximizing reach.

“TV has been the perfect way to drive upper-funnel and overall brand awareness, that also supplements our lower-funnel performance channels.”



Saatva wanted to establish themselves as a household name in a highly competitive market. Their team turned to TV to drive brand awareness while maintaining efficiency against direct response key performance indicators (KPIs).

Leveraging the Tatari platform, Saatva started with an initial pilot test on linear that resulted in a 40% increase in branded search volume and a 20% increase in branded search-generated revenue year over year. These results gave them the confidence to layer streaming into their overall TV strategy, allowing them to drive higher response rates and maintain bottom-funnel efficiencies such as a low CPV (cost-per-visitor).

Saatva also saw via MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) that all of their TV spend correlated with lifts in overall revenue and traffic to their site.

Saatva's TV campaign resulted in a 40% increase in branded search volume and a 20% increase in branded search-generated revenue year over year.

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