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Growth Spotlight

Reaching the right audience at the right time with relevant creative messaging

Key Results

Teladoc Health sponsored a segment of Good Morning America (GMA), which focused on how telemedicine is reducing stress and simplifying family health care for those working from home.

Aired amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this sponsorship resonated with an audience of WFH parents in both a relevant and timely manner, which led to an immediate spike in website traffic. Additionally, Teladoc’s social and digital marketing efforts saw an uptick in performance at the same time, which can be attributed to TV’s “halo effect.”

“We were really excited to run a sponsorship on GMA. We felt that we were ready to invest in our brand and that this would be a great opportunity to do so. The sponsorship performed extremely well; immediately after airing, we saw a huge spike in website traffic and are seeing the metrics in other marketing channels continue to grow, so really seeing that halo effect come through.”




Campaign Objectives

Expand Reach

Extending the reach of Teladoc Health’s message to a wider audience during a time when telemedicine was crucial for many consumers.

Brand Building

Increase awareness of Teladoc’s offerings while shaping their brand identity with a primetime sponsorship and PR push.

Drive Conversions

Increase site traffic and ultimately move consumers down the purchase funnel, leading to account signups and appointment bookings.

Partnership Overview

Teladoc Health is the global leader in whole-person, virtual care. Their mission of providing accessible healthcare to everyone in the world on their terms became all the more critical in early 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As people were sheltering in place, and in need of medical assistance through virtual means, Teladoc turned to Tartari to help them connect with new audiences across high reach linear and streaming TV placements.

After nearly a year of finding success with traditional TV campaigns, Teladoc Health felt the timing was right to invest heavily in their brand with a large-scale media buy. Leaning on Tatari’s advanced measurement capabilities, they were able to identify the optimum place to reach their target audience—a sponsored segment on Good Morning America.

The segment—which was focused on how telemedicine is making life easier for parents navigating the new normal of working from home—performed extremely well. Immediately after airing, they saw a substantial increase in website traffic. They also witnessed performance increases across other marketing channels; a perfect example of TV’s halo effect. 

In the end, nearly all of their campaign KPIs were met (or exceeded). This has since led to further scaling and a richer partnership for both brands.

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