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Driving Full-Funnel Impact on TV

Wild Earth's Holistic TV Strategy Lowers Acquisition Costs

Wild Earth is a DTC e-commerce company that produces 100% plant-based dog food, treats, and functional supplements

When the Wild Earth team started noticing that the performance of their digital channels was degrading, they realized it was time to find a new marketing channel to reach their audience and hit their growth KPIs (CPV and CPA). So, they turned to Tatari to develop an outcome-driven linear and streaming TV strategy.


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Increase Scale

Increase site traffic and convert interested consumers into paying customers.

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Expanded Reach

Increase awareness of Wild Earth’s brand identity and products to new audiences.

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Improve Efficiency

Lower customer acquisition costs.


Wild Earth quickly learned how effective TV advertising was in driving revenue and building up their brand awareness. In addition to TV’s full-funnel impact, Wild Earth also noticed a strong halo effect across their other digital channels like branded search, unbranded search, and social. This gave their team the confidence to try retargeting website visitors on streaming TV and converting them into paying customers.

“Not only did TV increase both direct traffic and conversions, but also our paid branded search as well, and that's in large part due to reaching a wider audience than we had ever reached in any marketing effort before.”



With Tatari’s managed service offering, Wild Earth developed a TV strategy that drove full-funnel impact and increased overall efficiency. Starting with a linear TV campaign that helped them reach a new level of brand awareness they had never seen before. On the streaming side, their campaign successfully retargeted website visitors and resulted in increased conversions and a 60% drop in CPA. Their revenue increased directly from their TV campaign while also improving other channels; branded search increased by 4X and they saw a positive lift across their social media campaigns.

Wild Earth's streaming TV campaign successfully retargeted website visitors and resulted in increased conversions and a 60% drop in CPA.

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