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Tatari's 7-Year Anniversary

This year marks Tatari’s seventh anniversary. We were fortunate enough to celebrate this occasion in person throughout our three offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

This year, we continued to pursue our mission to revolutionize TV advertising by launching new features across measurement and buying, investing in talent on our teams, and giving back to our local communities.

Solidifying our mission

Tatari is focused on building the infrastructure to modernize TV advertising for brands, agencies, and publishers. This year, we continued that mission through new certifications and product launches that empowered the more than 200 brands and agencies using the Tatari platform to run and measure TV advertising campaigns.

Tatari was among 14 measurement partners honored in the Incrementality Measurement/Sales Impact category of NBCU’s Certified Measurement Partner Program. This is an indication that Tatari’s solutions have been rigorously evaluated and certified to deliver best-in-class measurement.

Further cementing our status as leaders in the future of TV, Tatari made the AdExchanger Programmatic Power Players this year, earning a place among the best technology providers in the advertising industry. Earlier this month, AdExchanger further honored Tatari and TheViewPoint by making the companies finalists across three categories in the annual AdExchanger Awards.

Vault makes major strides in measurement and privacy

In June, Tatari launched Vault, a new sister company focused on privacy-first technology solutions for connected TV advertising. Vault’s first product is a data clean room (DCR) solution. Current DCR solutions remain unique and isolated to each publisher, resulting in fragmentation. The Vault DCR is the first and only compatible solution that allows CTV publishers and ad buyers to share data in a tokenized, privacy-compliant fashion, solving the problem of fragmentation for both sides.

Brands and agencies continue to trust Tatari for performance TV

We continue to see our clients achieving their goals through TV advertising. Several shared their success stories, such as Wild Earth leveraging linear and CTV retargeting, Knix using Tatari’s tools to drive conversions, and Made In securing 66% lower CPMs through Tatari’s direct deals.

This year, we've seen numerous agencies utilizing Tatari's platform, licensing our platform to buy and measure TV ads for their clients. There is clearly a huge opportunity for digital performance agencies to grow revenue and offer TV as a new channel to their clients, and we’re thrilled that Tatari can play a part.

Investing in talent and giving back to the community

Tatari continues to invest in its employees and in this past year, the PeopleOps department implemented key learning & development initiatives, including the following:

  • Skill Building: Similar to a masterclass session, this provides our existing employees with tools and resources to continue elevating existing skills they utilize within their roles.

  • Leadership Development: We have provided focused training on key topics to continue equipping our existing leaders with tools for success. In addition, we have launched a new initiative where we identify future leaders of Tatari, and provide them with a program to assist them in their journey into leadership roles.

In addition to supporting employees’ growth and development in the workplace, the PeopleOps department also hosted several fun activities that allowed employees to get to know each other and bond outside the office:

  • Paint n Sip art class

  • Barbie movie premiere

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Arcade night

We also continued to focus on improving communication and employee involvement:

  • Quarterly surveys focusing on four key topics: Culture & DEI, leadership feedback, communication, and operational effectiveness.

  • Volunteer events throughout the year that give back to the local and global community: In March, our employees assembled hygiene kits for women in homeless shelters. In May, our employees came together to clean up their local beaches in San Francisco, New York, and Santa Monica. Currently, as a company, we are walking the distance from Los Angeles to Kyiv, Ukraine (12,500 miles) to support Tabby Cat, a charity that sews useful items (such as jackets and sleeping bags) for defenders in the Ukraine.

As part of return-to-office, Tatari is opening a satellite office in Orange County to better accommodate our employees traveling long-distance to our LA office.

As we reflect on these seven remarkable years, our gratitude extends to every team member, client, and partner who has journeyed with us. The milestones achieved and the challenges overcome solidify our commitment to modernizing TV advertising for brands, agencies, and publishers. With our unwavering vision and determination, the future of Tatari looks brighter than ever.


Philip Inghelbrecht

I'm CEO at Tatari. I love getting things done.


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