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Running streaming and linear TV ads together to drive efficiency and scale.

Calm Diversifies from Digital and Exceeds KPIs with Full-Funnel TV Strategy

Calm, a leading sleep and meditation app, aims to help users achieve mindfulness, manage stress, and cultivate a serene and balanced lifestyle through guided meditations, soothing music, and sleep stories. To drive growth across brand and performance KPIs (CPI, CPT, and ROAS) while also looking to diversify beyond digital channels like paid search and social, Calm tested TV advertising.



Campaign Objectives

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Prove Streaming's Impact

Measure the impact of streaming TV by conducting a Hulu split IP test.

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Increase Scale

Drive traffic to the app store and convert potential customers into new users.

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Drive Efficiency

Reduce customer acquisition costs.


Utilizing a performance strategy on streaming TV, Calm’s campaign drove real business outcomes across the purchase funnel, increasing incremental app installs and new user subscriptions and reducing customer acquisition costs. Using a brand-focused strategy on linear TV, they leveraged celebrity partnerships with figures like NBA All-Star LeBron James to elevate their storytelling to a new level and drive brand awareness. They’ve also capitalized on live premium news programming, where their TV ads not only caught social virality during the 2020 Presidential Election but awarded them AdAge Marketer of the Year. By combining their linear and streaming TV advertising efforts, Calm successfully drove full-funnel impact and improved efficiencies throughout their campaign.

“With Tatari’s platform, we were able to measure business outcomes across both linear and streaming TV and independently verify the data with our backend."



Using Tatari’s managed service offering, Calm worked with their dedicated client success team to develop a full-funnel convergent TV strategy that would diversify their marketing mix and drive business outcomes (app installs). Their streaming TV ads led to a 27% increase in incremental installs and a 60% increase in subscriptions. Additionally, their linear TV campaign generated unprecedented brand awareness and enhanced performance across other channels. By leveraging linear and streaming TV together, Calm’s campaign increased overall efficiencies, reducing customer acquisition costs by 52% and achieving 612k incremental installs.

Calm’s campaign increased overall efficiencies, reducing CAC by 52% and achieving 612k incremental installs.

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