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2023: Our Top Moments, Wins, and Memories

2023 proved to be a pivotal year marked by a cascade of industry changes. The four streaming giants, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Disney+, reshaped the way we consume content on demand by adopting AVOD (advertising-based video on demand) models. The SAG-AFTRA strikes caused immense turbulence on the production front, touching everything from active campaigns to Q4, Q5, and 2024 planning. And we cannot forget about the impact of more privacy changes from walled gardens, further reshaping the dynamics of audience targeting and data-driven strategies.

However, amidst so much transformation, 2023 was yet again another prolific year for Tatari. And it’s partly due to these challenges that we were able to evolve for the better, grow stronger, and further cement our commitment to building infrastructure to modernize TV advertising for brands, agencies, and publishers. So, let’s recap some of our favorite moments and milestones that made last year one for the books.

From experienced TV advertisers to channel novices, 2023 brought an influx of brand clients to the big screen. With that came top TV strategies and campaign success stories, exploring how marketers are leveraging convergent TV to drive real business outcomes across the funnel. The number of agencies using our self-serve TV ad platform doubled as they drove success for their clients by utilizing the platform’s precise TV measurement and advanced campaign optimization tools. Last but not least, we hosted our second annual TV advertising conference, Forward, for all the top DTC brands and agencies in Los Angeles.

In 2023, our team achieved significant success in innovation and technological advancements, making progress in the development of our product. We introduced several new releases in the Tatari platform, empowering our clients to execute and measure convergent TV campaigns with enhanced control, transparency, and efficiency. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Campaigns: A grouping mechanism that allows you to better track performance and campaign efficacy.

  • Audience Similarity: Powered by Experian marketing data, this feature lets you see which publishers reach audiences that make the most sense for your brand.

  • In-line Performance: This feature empowers you to create better-informed, data-backed media plans by making optimizations based on historical data.

  • Company Objectives: A tool to track and edit key performance goals (like cost per visitor or cost per purchase).

  • Planning Engine: AI-powered technology that automates the media planning process, reducing time spent building plans by over 70%. This feature is currently in beta and is scheduled to be released this year.

  • Databricks Migration: We migrated our infrastructure to Databricks, laying the foundation for long-term technical scalability and performance improvements that translate to faster and more accurate delivery of data.

TheViewPoint, a sister company under the Infra umbrella, also launched TVP Direct – powerful technology designed to streamline publishers’ automation for direct campaigns. This innovative solution offers access to exclusive demand, enhances operational efficiency, ensures robust data security, and facilitates real-time reporting for optimizations. Notably, TVP Direct stands as a trailblazer in the industry, introducing a novel approach to media transactions for buyers and sellers. Its groundbreaking release has inspired other demand-side platforms, including TheTradeDesk and Magnite, to follow suit and introduce their own comparable products.

We also launched Vault, a sister company focused on privacy-first technology solutions for connected TV (CTV) advertising. Vault’s first product is a Data Clean Room (DCR) solution that provides publishers, advertisers, and measurement companies with a secure and neutral space for data collaboration.

Looking back, we’re proud to have accomplished all that we did. And it's a great honor that our efforts have been acknowledged by the industry, including NBCU for our outcomes-based TV measurement, AdExchanger for The Most Innovative Advertising Technology, and Programmatic Power Player award, and Business Insider, which recognized us as one of the 16 Hottest Adtech Companies of 2023.

Yet, none of our achievements would have been possible without the dedication of our remarkable team. As we marked Tatari's 7th year in business, we not only reflected on our successes but also cherished the memories and experiences that strengthened our bond. Whether it was opening a new office in Orange County (CA), attending the Barbie movie premiere in full pink attire (see for yourself in our recap video below), or raising a toast at our regional holiday dinners in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. 2023 was a year filled with joy and genuine connections.



Philip Inghelbrecht

I'm CEO at Tatari. I love getting things done.


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