Full Funnel Focus: Vuori's TV Advertising Journey

Queue the DJ, drinks, and views - we’re coming to you live from GROW’s newest event, Brand House! Last month, Tatari and our friends at GROW celebrated the return of in-person events with an epic gathering in Beverly Hills. We spent the afternoon connecting with DTC marketers across all industries and sizes; discussing the latest in data-driven marketing and of course, TV advertising.

Before the day concluded, Matt Fowlie, Client Development Manager at Tatari shared the stage with Jamie Fontana, VP of E-Commerce at Vuori – a California-native performance apparel brand. In this session, the two detailed how (and why) Vuori found success with TV advertising, from their creative strategy to their approach to media buying. Tatari is proud to support Vuori’s TV advertising journey; from industry education and campaign optimization, to building their initial pilot and ultimately measuring ad performance.

Watch the full talk below to understand how Vuori went from developing their first-ever spot to leveraging TV as a primary performance channel to drive both brand awareness and lower-funnel metrics.

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