Tatari and Rockerbox Bring TV Data & Analytics to Marketing Attribution

Today we're announcing a partnership with Rockerbox, the leading attribution provider for direct-to-consumer brands, that will allow marketers to integrate our TV data and analytics into Rockerbox’s platform.

“Tatari’s combination of both incremental and view-through measurement is highly unique in the TV industry. We are delighted to now make our view-through attribution available outside of the Tatari dashboard in a data pipeline, and allow our clients to further integrate TV data with Rockerbox,” said Philip Inghelbrecht, CEO at Tatari.  

Rockerbox, named "Best Marketing Attribution Solution" in the 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Awards, provides marketers with a single source of truth by unifying marketing, e-commerce and customer data across all digital and offline channels. 

Through the partnership our joint customers can combine TV advertising response data from Tatari with Rockerbox to conduct more comprehensive attribution analysis across all digital advertising channels and further attribute ROI to the channels that are performing the best. For example, now marketers can construct LTV cohorts to better understand which of their consumers came from TV, the full user journey from someone who viewed the TV ad, and how much they will spend over a certain timeframe. 

“We’re extremely excited to integrate with Tatari as linear and streaming TV are becoming increasingly important to the media mix of our D2C client base,” said Ron Jacobson, Co-founder and CEO at Rockerbox. “Rockerbox’s ability to show cross-channel performance in one unified location enables our customers to see not just the value of the channels themselves but the impact they have on all other marketing channels.”

Watch our webinar to learn how the new integration works, and how it provides unprecedented insight into TV advertising performance and ROI.

Read the full press release here

Courtney Minson

I work on product marketing at Tatari.


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