Tatari + AppsFlyer: Understand TV advertising impact on mobile installs

Many advertisers work with attribution partners like AppsFlyer to understand the ROI of digital advertising to their mobile app. AppsFlyer is the market leader in mobile advertising attribution and analytics, enabling mobile marketers to pinpoint paid targeting, optimize ad spend and boost ROI. 

Tatari has built an integration with AppsFlyer to ingest mobile attribution data, such as how many people downloaded the app, signed up for an account and made an in-app purchase. Using smart TV data on 18 million devices for linear and 100% IP-level coverage on streaming, we can match users who both saw the TV ad and take action within your app, giving you a clear view into TV advertising response within your Tatari dashboard.

“As we started to consider TV advertising as part of our marketing mix, it was critical for us to understand attribution and ROI”, said Erin Hassey, Senior Director of User Acquisition at Calm. “The integration between Tatari and Appsflyer was simple and straightforward and allowed us to streamline the optimization of in-app events just like we do with digital advertising channels.”

Integrate AppsFlyer with Tatari in Under A Minute

Within your AppsFlyer dashboard, you can easily set up an integration with Tatari to send mobile app events data.

If you’re a current Tatari client, log in to your AppsFlyer dashboard to set up the integration.

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