Tatari’s Outcome-Based Measurement for TV Advertising Certified by NBC Universal

Tatari has been certified as one of 14 measurement partners by NBC Universal in the Incrementality Measurement/Sales Impact category. The NBCU Certified Measurement Partner Program is a new initiative of NBCU with a simple mission: measure what matters with the best partners in the business. Being chosen as a partner in this program indicates that Tatari’s solutions have been rigorously evaluated and certified to deliver best-in-class measurement.

Why this matters

For years, Nielsen’s panels have been used as the go-to standard for audience measurement, despite its inherent flaws. It’s clear the industry needs alternative, more sophisticated forms of measurement. And because the TV landscape is continuously evolving, advertisers should be able to work with multiple measurement providers to best fit their needs.  We don’t believe there will be, or should be, a new king of TV measurement.

The importance of outcome-based measurement

What’s become clear recently is that TV measurement isn’t just about audience measurement (e.g impressions, reach etc.) While these metrics may be important in certain situations, modern marketers care about outcomes like site visits, app downloads, and purchases. We’ve known this since we started Tatari in 2016. This has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve with a sophisticated methodology that allows brands and agencies to measure the true incremental impact of TV campaigns, which we believe is the most precise metric for understanding the impact of ad performance.

Tatari is the only certified media platform (and FREE)

No agency or even a media technology platform like Tatari has achieved NBCU measurement certification. What’s more, Tatari has bundled its measurement in the platform at NO additional cost since 2016.  We will continue to put our clients first and continue free access to our outcome measurement. In short: nothing changes!

A clear way forward

We truly believe that the industry is changing for the better, and applaud NBCU for paving the way to new measurement alternatives. There is no doubt that other publishers and networks will follow with their own certifications, and we have confidence that Tatari will continue to be recognized for our outcome-based measurement.

To learn more about the NBCU Certified Measurement Partner Program, click here.

Mike Swinson

Chief Data Scientist. I'm an explorer: I seek out the facts by following wherever the data leads.


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