A Convergent TV Platform Built for Agencies

Performance-focused brands are turning to TV advertising to increase scale and diversify beyond search and social. Agencies that do not currently offer TV can grow revenue by licensing Tatari's self-serve platform to buy and measure ads across linear and streaming TV in a way that is just like digital. For agencies offering CTV to clients using a traditional DSP, Tatari’s platform is the perfect compliment to take your clients to the next level using direct media execution, finding scale with linear, and measuring real business outcomes.

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What Makes Tatari Different?

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Tatari is purpose-built for TV

We aren’t retrofitting tech that was built for display and online video. We’re only focused on TV which allows us to build modern tech solutions that are more efficient and privacy-safe.

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Measure real outcomes

Other platforms focus on delivered impressions or conventional audience targeting. The Tatari platform is precision-engineered to drive real business outcomes (purchases, installs, etc.) that matter most to you.

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Direct media execution

The Tatari platform allows brands to buy ad inventory not only programmatically, but also from publishers direct. This removes the ad tech tax, puts more media dollars to work, and eliminates the risks of fraud and brand safety.


Tatari’s platform utilizes proprietary measurement methodologies that go beyond views or impressions and use closed-loop attribution to track outcomes (visits, installs, purchases, etc.). Prove the true incremental lift from an ad campaign and show when people took action on your client’s website or app after viewing an ad–whether it's minutes after viewing or 30 days later. Easy-to-customize dashboards allow you to show your clients' performance by network, daypart, or creative.

Media Buying

Unlike other platforms, Tatari’s Campaign manager allows you to buy both linear and streaming/connected TV in one place with the data and tools you need to quickly build a robust TV media plan. The Campaign Manager uses real-time data allowing you to make buying decisions that leverage viewership data from Smart TVs, historical rate data, and predictive intelligence.

Agencies that Trust Tatari

Leading agencies rely on the Tatari platform to buy TV in a modern way with automation, measurement of outcomes, and the ability to quickly optimize campaigns.

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"Tatari provides us with insights on ongoing optimizations, so we can tell clients where, why, and how we're increasing price efficiency and effectiveness in terms of return on ad spend.”

Janice Merlino, Principal, Merlino Media Group

“Tatari is a strong partner for launching robust television programs as part of large campaigns. They are ushering in a new era of innovation in the fast-paced TV business."

Rachel Hirschl, VP of Advanced TV and Programmatic Media, Power Digital

“Our team has enjoyed learning about Tatari's platform and training on the self-service feature. We’re looking forward to utilizing the tech and data for our clients."

Elizabeth Oakes, VP, Account Director, ICON International


Tatari Launches Agency-focused Business

Tatari Launches Agency-focused Business

More than 200 direct brands already use the Tatari platform for buying and measuring TV advertising. Now, agencies will have the same tools, data, and predictive intelligence to offer TV advertising to their clients.

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Tatari Is Now The Only Company That Licenses The Triad of ACR Data Vendors

Tatari Is Now The Only Company That Licenses The Triad of ACR Data Vendors

Ad buyers now have easy access to Samba TV’s industry-leading OTT and linear television viewing data, helping them better leverage the performance capabilities of TV advertising.

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Attribution Methodologies for the Modern Marketer

Attribution Methodologies for the Modern Marketer

Tatari developed a view-through attribution metric designed, and optimized, solely for TV using TV-specific device graph data and proprietary methodologies.

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