Tatari Launches Agency-focused Business

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More than 200 direct brands already use the Tatari platform for buying and measuring TV advertising. Now, agencies will have the same tools, data, and predictive intelligence to offer TV advertising to their clients. This positions agencies to easily usher their digital-focused clients into the world of TV advertising, and unlocks new revenue from an expanded product offering. Several agencies are already witnessing the impact.

“Our clients are eager to make the most of the new opportunities in TV, but it can feel out of reach in terms of both budget and attribution for businesses that are used to the granular capabilities of digital channels," said Masud Karim, Head of Converged TV at Wpromote, the top independent performance marketing agency. “We leverage Tatari’s suite of tools to make the full potential of TV advertising accessible to our clients at any budget level. Even more importantly, we can actually connect those ad buys with business outcomes. That unlocks significant growth for both our clients and our business as a digital-first agency bridging the gap between traditional brand and performance marketing in an increasingly interconnected advertising ecosystem."

Many of the digital performance agencies currently lack the capability to offer modern TV advertising (including measurement) to their brands. The Tatari platform closes that gap.

“Tatari is a strong partner for launching robust television programs as part of large campaigns,” shared Rachel Hirschl, VP of Advanced TV and Programmatic Media, at Power Digital, a leading growth marketing firm. “By opening up their platform to partners, they are ushering in a new era of innovation in the fast-paced TV business."

“Over the past five years we’ve seen a lot of buzz around ‘in-housing’ media buying, but too much of that has focused on the brand-direct model,” said Philip Inghelbrecht, Co-Founder and CEO of Tatari. “Agencies still play a critical role in the media-buying landscape and they need to deepen those ties by staying on top of new trends, such as the growing TV opportunity. Agencies have been knocking on our door looking for these capabilities. We believe that having agencies in the mix will better serve the interests of brands.”

“We’ve had a partnership with Tatari for over a year now and it’s been nothing short of fantastic,” said Elizabeth Oakes, VP, Account Director ICON International, the top corporate barter company. “Our team has enjoyed learning about their platform and training on the self-service feature. We’re looking forward to utilizing the tech and data for our clients, and we’re excited about the future of our partnership.”

Earlier this year, Tatari acquired TheViewPoint, a Connected TV (CTV) focused SSP and ad-server. That move facilitated direct relationships between advertisers and publishers, promoting a more transparent and efficient media exchange.

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