Automating the Creative Upload Process For TV Advertising

Marketers can now directly upload creative assets to Tatari’s platform and manage them from one central location for air on linear TV or streaming platforms.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Creative Library, a new self-serve dashboard feature—achieved through connection to an Extreme Reach API—that allows brands to upload and manage their creative assets from within their Tatari dashboard.

Creative Library closes one of the most notable gaps between advertising on linear TV versus other digital platforms. The ability to upload creative assets to, and manage within, the Tatari platform simplifies the process of getting TV campaigns on air by removing additional steps that are unfamiliar to purely digital advertisers and often require significant back and forth communication with multiple stakeholders.

"Tatari has taken an innovative approach in leveraging our global creative logistics technology platform, and they've developed something that can simplify the creative upload process for their clients," said Dan Brackett, CTO at Extreme Reach. "Creative Library is exactly the type of development we had in mind when we launched our API program, and we're thrilled to see this enhancement help advertisers of all sizes enter the TV space."

Creative Library opens the door for an advertiser to manage, on a self-serve basis, all of their creative assets in one central location. Mirroring the intuitive functionality of other digital advertising platforms, this makes it easier for digitally native advertisers to transition to the power of TV.

“Creative Library reflects our recent focus on making the process of TV advertising more digital-like,” said Lara McGowan, VP of Product at Tatari. “Tatari has managed to turn TV into a more accessible channel for digital-centric marketers by building and applying technology to complex processes. By automating different aspects of these processes, we operate more efficiently, with more agility, and save valuable time for clients and internal teams.”

In addition to condensing the creative upload process to just a few clicks, Creative Library also allows advertisers to instantly generate the ad codes used for tracking and reporting on creative performance.

"In today's modern age, this is how uploading a new TV commercial creative should be. No hoops to jump through or dozens of emails to trade. In just a few minutes, we had new creative uploaded and ready to go,” said Chad Siovaila, VP of Growth at Upsie. “It's a fantastic tool that a forward-thinking group like Tatari was bound to come up with first."

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