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Celebrating Partnerships and Inspiring Action at Tatari's Network Party

At Tatari, we know how to throw a party. But even as the U.S. begins its journey out of the pandemic, we recognize that we couldn’t go all-out like we did back in 2019 or 2018. So, when planning for Tatari’s 2021 network party—our annual celebration that brings together our valued partners at leading TV networks and streaming publishers—we did what we do best: we reimagined. And we delivered the event that we believe the industry needed most: one part celebration, one part innovation, and one part inspiration. 

In total, over 100 people from networks like NBCUniversal, Viacom, WarnerMedia, and streaming publishers such as Hulu, Tubi, and CBS Interactive tuned in. While we can’t share all of the details, here are some of the highlights:

A Year Unlike Any Other

Brad Geving, Tatari’s VP of Media Buying, kicked things off with a brief recap of how 2020 unfolded for us and our clients. Like many within the industry, we had to analyze, adapt, and ultimately rewrite our story.

What started as a 30 percent decline in business turned into 300 percent growth for the year. Our current client base, many of whom had paused spending in March and April, came flooding back. And brands that originally thought TV advertising was out of reach saw this as an opportunity to test an unfamiliar channel—resulting in over 150 new clients for Tatari. These budgets were brand new to TV and would have otherwise been allocated toward Facebook and Google—increasing the collective pool of TV advertising dollars. When the industry succeeds, we all succeed!

As a result of this influx of confidence and new interest in the TV space, we saw clients deepen and scale their TV investments beyond remnant inventory and into high reach and momentous events, including sponsorships & in-show integrations, 2020 Election Night, and even the Super Bowl.

The Path to Continued Growth Requires Supply-Side Technology and Partnerships 

Next up was Bryce York, Tatari’s Director of Product. He gave attendees a “look under the hood” at Tatari’s planning, intelligence, and execution tools—highlighting our new and improved digital insertion order process that has effectively reduced processing time on streaming campaigns by 90 percent. 

This is just one example of how Tatari can drive better outcomes for advertisers (“demand-side”) by building technology and tools for publishers (“supply-side”). 

The Opportunity to Save Lives, One Glass of Water at a Time

Saving the best for last, we were thrilled to have Scott Harrison, CEO of charity: water (and one of Tatari’s newest clients), join us to talk about his inspiring path to founding charity: water and the organization’s subsequent 14-year journey to delivering clean water to more than 12.7 million people around the world.

At Tatari, we’re proud to be supporting charity: water’s first foray into the TV space. As Scott noted, TV advertising can feel like an unattainable goal for charities like his, which ensures 100 percent of donations go directly to people in need. This campaign will allow charity: water to reach an expanded audience; driving awareness for their impactful mission. 

In closing, we encouraged our network and publisher attendees to consider how they might be able to contribute to charity: water in the form of donated airtime, in-show integrations, sponsorships, and more—and we’re pleased to report that some of our partners are planning to do just that!

In the end, parties are about forging connections and feeling good. We hope that our annual network bash managed to do just that. 

A huge thank you to everyone who attended! 

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