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Client Spotlight: Joshua Kim from Veyl

In our client spotlight series, we interview TV advertising champions in various industries. Last week, we spoke with Joshua Kim -Head of Growth at Veyl - about his experiences with TV campaigns and their unique benefits.

What does Veyl do?

Veyl is the holding company for the following three health brands: L‘EvateYou, Dr. Kellyann, and NatureM.D. We partner with leading experts to develop cutting-edge health products and sustainably-minded brands.

Our unique value proposition lies in our exclusive collaborations with distinguished celebrities and public figures who have personally experienced health challenges. This ensures an authentic narrative and sincere origins behind each product we offer. Most recently, we have partnered with Steve Harvey for L‘Evate You.

What is your role at Veyl?

My current role is Head of Growth, where I oversee all marketing, which of course includes TV, but also covers all acquisition and retention channels.

I previously worked at Made In Cookware, a premium cookware company that's best-in-class at what they do. This is where I first gained exposure to TV and Tatari.

Did you have any preconceived notions about TV advertising prior to using Tatari?

Prior to Made In, I started off my marketing career at a small fitness company where we ran paid social, paid search, email, and influencer marketing campaigns. At the time, TV definitely was just one of those channels that I never really thought of. I had this image that the barrier to entry for TV was really high…it almost seemed out of reach. After running campaigns with Tatari though, I learned that was not true.

In your previous experiences, what kind of results has TV been able to drive? 

You'd be surprised, but TV can drive immediate acquisition. In my previous experience running TV campaigns, I was able to see massive traffic spikes to our website after airing a commercial, but also saw one-day conversions too. This was amazing because the product typically had a longer consideration period (the length of time a consumer takes to make a purchase decision).

You also can’t deny the brand awareness and brand-building capabilities of TV. As a brand, you can plaster your ads all over paid-social channels, but you can reach a much larger number of consumers with TV.

I also think TV offers credibility and prestige. The fact that a brand has invested in TV advertising can signal to consumers that the brand is successful and established- which isn’t always true with paid social channels. I like to think, do I want to be known as the brand that was seen all over Instagram, or would I rather be known as a brand that is on TV? I’ll take TV.

Any other unique benefits of TV advertising?

TV impacts all arms of the business.

TV has the obvious benefits of driving sales and brand awareness, but there are other benefits too. What I’ve noticed is that TV advertising can even help your retail strategy. What I mean by that is, let’s say you are having a retail meeting with Walmart - you can boast about how you serve 20 billion impressions a year on TV. With evidence like this, stores are more likely to bring you on as a partner because they will consider you to be a more legitimate brand, and know you can drive massive reach which only helps them. I think such benefits are really unique to TV.

Was there anything that surprised you about TV?

The tracking. I was really surprised by how advanced the tech was with tracking TV campaigns. Before I started running TV campaigns with Tatari, I had no idea we could measure all these results. I learned about lots of cool methods, for example, spike methodology.

I learned about the different ways you can buy TV too. I didn’t even know the remnant market was a thing! Basically, everything about TV surprised me in a pleasant way.

Do you see TV as being a big component of Veyl’s marketing strategy?

I think it will be our biggest marketing channel. TV is a perfect fit for us because we have all of these TV personas that back our brand. We also have a talented creative team that’s going to create TV ads for us too. I’m super excited to see where TV can take us!

At Veyl, do you see TV as an always-on strategy or more of a seasonal strategy?

Definitely always-on. Interestingly, Black Friday and Q4 are actually lower seasonal moments for us…We’re a health brand, and most people don’t feel like getting into the best shape of their lives two weeks before Thanksgiving. 

I think our big moment will be the two or three weeks right after Christmas, a period that Tatari often refers to as Q5. It’s a great time to advertise our products because people are trying to get in shape for the new year. This period also has low CPMs, which we hope to take advantage of.

Stay tuned for more client spotlights!

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