How TV Became a Critical Acquisition Channel for Made In

Last month Tatari presented at GROW LA - a retail conference with a focus on DTC brands. Marketers across all industries discussed how they’ve been able to create multi-million dollar brands by sharing strategies such as navigating supply chains, the power of storytelling, and of course, TV advertising.

Tatari spoke on stage with Chip Malt, CEO and co-founder of Made In, a DTC cookware brand, about how TV became one of their most critical acquisition channels. Watch the full video below to learn how they:

  • Approached testing on both linear and streaming TV, while being CPM-conscious

  • Secured 66% lower CPMs on Hulu (with Tatari’s direct deals) than if they were to only buy programmatically

  • Found new audiences beyond contextual targeting by leveraging firesales (with discounts of 86%!) in sports and news programming

  • Optimized creative for TV to decrease CPV by more than 50%

  • Found better scale on TV compared to Facebook/Instagram

  • Increased their retargeting pool by 400K and conversions on streaming TV by 4.5x

Greg Kalin

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