Tatari’s clients come together to see what’s next for the future of TV

Over the past few months, Tatrai hosted two events for both our East Coast and West Coast clients in New York and San Francisco. At both events, we shared exciting new features that we’re launching in the coming months across measurement, media buying, and partner integrations. Being a data-driven company isn’t just limited to our approach towards advertising- we also got a chance to collect feedback on our current product and our roadmap of what we’re planning to build over the next year.

New York Clients Amazed at the NoMad 

We hosted our East Coast event back in October at the NoMad Hotel in NYC. We kicked the evening off with a panel conversation including Jason Baron from Turner/Warner Media, David Katz from Roku, Michaela Giovengo from Hulu, and Brian Gould from Viacom where brands got to ask their burning questions. Shortly after, Tatari’s product managers presented our roadmap with real-time polling of the audience. We also got great insight on our clients’ 2020 TV plans and whether they’d be investing more in linear or streaming TV. Afterwards, we focused on a fun evening with a private show of The Magician at the NoMad starring Dan White which was a truly spectacular and mind blowing experience. 

West Coast Clients Banter Over Basketball

We hosted our West Coast client event last week at San Francisco’s brand new Chase Center! Before presenting our 2020 roadmap, we were joined by Mike Duboe, an investor at Greylock Partners, who shared his experience leading growth at a DTC brand and what it’s like now being on the other side of the table at a VC. We ended the night in our exclusive Party Suite watching the Lakers take on the Warriors! 

We loved being able to meet and spend time with all of our clients in person and we really valued everyone’s feedback on our product and roadmap. We’re already looking forward to our next event (with even more clients)! 

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