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How to Maximize TV Ad Profits with BYLT's Spencer Toomey and Greg Kalin of Tatari

In the latest episode of the DTC Podcast, Spencer Toomey, Growth Manager at BYLT Basics, was joined by Greg Kalin, Director of Client Development at Tatari. They delve into how TV advertising has evolved to become a crucial component in driving brand awareness and achieving measurable results in today's digital age. This podcast offers an insightful look at BYLT’s successful TV advertising journey, highlighting the strategic moves and data-driven decisions defining their success. Watch the full video below.

The Shift to TV Advertising

Spencer Toomey shares his journey from paid social and search to embracing TV advertising at BYLT Basics, driven by the brand's need to expand its reach beyond digital platforms. The decision to move into TV advertising was bolstered by BYLT's strong customer retention rates and the desire to tap into a broader audience.

Overcoming Fears of TV Advertising

As a growth marketer for an e-commerce brand, the scariest thing being unable to track direct response campaigns. Moving away from platforms like meta or other direct response channels can be daunting. However, with the right tracking setup and partnership with Tatari, these fears were mitigated, proving that TV can indeed be an accountable and measurable media channel.

Budgeting for TV

Initially, we recommend supplementing your existing marketing budget rather than shifting funds away from successful platforms like Meta. Think of it as cautiously dipping your toes into the waters of TV advertising. We start small, which allows us to maintain your current efficiencies while exploring the potential of reaching new audiences through TV. As we see positive results from these TV campaigns, we can consider scaling up your investment. This approach ensures we grow thoughtfully, keeping an eye on opportunities to expand effectively without disrupting what already works well for your brand. 

Why Brands Choose TV Advertising

Brands often turn to TV due to diminishing returns on other media channels and privacy concerns with digital advertising. When brands start to understand what’s working on paid social, exploring TV advertising offers a potentially more cost-effective customer acquisition avenue. With a long history of effectiveness, TV advertising offers a reliable alternative with measurable results, especially when using advanced tools provided by platforms like Tatari.

Simplifying TV Advertising Categories

Next, Greg breaks down why tapping into the broad range of TV viewers is critical. That's the essence of TV advertising—to reach a vast audience and tell your story effectively. Currently, viewership is divided between traditional linear TV and streaming platforms. People simply choose what they want to watch without distinguishing between linear and streaming. For instance, "Shark Tank" may air on ABC, but viewers might also catch it later on Hulu or find specific clips on YouTube. At Tatari, we focus on accessing this entire spectrum of video content to measure effectiveness across all platforms and optimize acquisition strategies. This is called a convergent TV approach. 

First Campaign Experiences

Spencer recalls setting up his first TV campaign with Tatari, focusing on a mix of linear and streaming platforms. The campaign utilized targeted creative and leveraged data from Tatari for performance measurement, proving successful in engaging their target demographic.

The Importance of Targeting and KPIs

Targeting specific demographics and utilizing engaging ambassadors like Rob Gronkowski (Gronk), a former NFL tight end who played for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was key to the success of BOLT's campaigns. Spencer highlights how high incrementality has been noted with partners, a notable observation considering the challenges of relying solely on multi-touch attribution (MTA) for TV advertising. TV's effectiveness can be overlooked without visibility into every click. However, with Tatari's IP tracking and user interface, access to vital metrics such as cost per acquisition, cost per unique visitor, and cost per view is facilitated, providing valuable insights into TV campaign performance.

The Role of TV in the Marketing Funnel

TV advertising is seen as a full-funnel channel that drives brand awareness, engagement as well as conversions. Bylt uses metrics like CPM, cost per visitor, and cost per acquisition in conjunction with post-purchase surveys to assess the effectiveness of TV in the broader marketing strategy.

Advancements in TV Measurement

Using multiple data sources is incredibly valuable to gauge marketing channel effectiveness and business impact. Tatari enables exporting raw data for analysis in multi-touch attribution and media mix modeling. Initial tests across diverse channels, like sports, pinpoint responsive options. Advanced data collection methods yield quick insights for agile campaign optimization, ensuring accuracy in metrics and guiding budget allocation to prevent ineffective spending common in traditional TV campaigns.

Creative Strategies for TV

Both high-quality and user-generated content (UGC) play roles in engaging audiences. Greg and Spencer discuss the balance between maintaining brand consistency and introducing innovative, disruptive elements to capture viewer attention. Spencer highlights a priority for premium quality ads with clear calls to action, and creating targeted ads showcasing specific products or leveraging recognizable brand ambassadors to educate viewers about our brand overall.

Addressing Creative Burnout

Unlike digital platforms where creative burnout can occur rapidly, TV creatives tend to have a longer lifespan. However, Greg notes the importance of continuously testing and refreshing creatives to maintain viewer engagement and effectiveness.

Advice for Emerging Brands

For brands considering TV advertising, Spencer advises trusting their knowledge of their audience and focusing on compelling creatives that capture attention. Greg adds that starting with a manageable portion of the marketing budget and scaling based on performance is a prudent approach to entering TV advertising. He adds how one important strategy is how to approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During this time, on average, Tatari clients see a 50% increase in conversion rate during this period, allowing for more expensive media buys. Using data to inform decisions, we gradually scale up, testing smaller spots before committing to larger opportunities. This approach unlocks significant potential for highly efficient performance during the holiday season.

Conclusion and Contact Information

The podcast wraps up with Spencer and Greg inviting listeners to connect with them on LinkedIn for further discussion and advice on TV advertising strategies. They emphasize the open, collaborative nature of their work and their willingness to assist brands in navigating the complexities of TV advertising.


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