Video: Leading growth marketers discuss TV as a performance channel

September 30, 2020

BringRuckus recently held a panel with Tatari's Skyler Logsdon and leading growth marketers, Junior Reyes (Resident), Aaron Pelander (GovX), and Dan Guy (Lemonaid Health) to discuss how they’re utilizing TV as a performance channel.

We covered many topics including measuring TV’s effectiveness, how to think about the mix between linear and streaming TV, reducing the risk of wasting money on TV, and more. It was a great discussion packed with detailed insights and takeaways for both new and existing TV advertisers. 

Check out the shortened 17-minute video with highlights from the panel below or click here for the full hour-long recording.

Skyler Logsdon

I'm the Head of Sales and I love swinging for the fences. 


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