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Introducing Vault Data Clean Room

Tatari Spins Off a New Company, Vault, Focused on Privacy-Compliant Tech for CTV With Data Clean Room as First Product

Experian is the first identity technology provider to integrate with Vault’s interoperable data sharing and measurement technology.

We are excited to announce the launch of Vault, a new sister company focused on privacy-first technology solutions for connected TV (CTV) advertising.

Vault’s first product is a data clean room (DCR) solution that provides publishers, advertisers, and measurement companies with a secure and neutral space for data collaboration. At launch, The Vault DCR is interoperable across leading publishers and comes natively enabled with Experian’s Consumer Sync identity, which covers more than 200 million IDs in CTV.

Amid increased privacy regulation, both CTV publishers and advertisers need to share data and insights in a secure and privacy-compliant fashion. DCR solutions are widely available today but remain unique and isolated to each publisher. This creates fragmentation, preventing ad buyers from looking across campaigns and publishers.

The Vault DCR is the first and only compatible solution that allows CTV publishers and ad buyers to share data in a tokenized, privacy-compliant fashion, solving the problem of fragmentation for both sides. This ensures that advertisers can measure their results and assess their return on ad spend across all ad buys. Publishers in turn get proper credit for aiding in those outcomes while meeting the spirit and letter of privacy standards. Above all, the Vault DCR ensures no interruption in measurement capabilities as new privacy laws and regulations go into effect in the future.

The more than 200 brands and agencies that use the Tatari platform for buying and measuring TV advertising also gain free turnkey interoperability as the Vault DCR allows for cross-publisher measurement, without the heavy lift of multiple integrations.

While data clean rooms are a fantastic product for collaborating on viewership and performance data, their growth is forcing ad buyers to manage several integrations. This complexity introduces an immediate challenge, slowing down the advertiser’s speed to scale. The Vault DCR product solves this, easily connecting the Tatari platform to all publishers. The integration with Experian gives brands reassurance that they are using a powerful, trustworthy identity to ensure addressability. This smooths the way for privacy-compliant, data-driven, outcomes-focused TV ad buys. In other words, the future of TV.

By leveraging Experian Consumer Sync, the Vault DCR does not require any heavy lifting or tech infrastructure changes for either publishers or brands. All parties can simply submit their PII data to the privacy-safe environment. Experian’s resolution technology enables a pseudonymized, privacy-compliant data collaboration. Experian is the first identity resolution technology provider to integrate with Vault, with more partners to be added later.

“Experian’s strategy is to be a neutral enabler of addressability and measurement across the entire ecosystem, particularly as it evolves in a more privacy-forward direction” said Chris Feo, SVP Sales & Partnerships at Experian. “We are thrilled to be a part of these efforts to establish a privacy-first infrastructure for TV as it continues to emerge as the leading channel for activation.”

As part of the launch, Tatari also announced the formation of a new holding company, Infra. Tatari and TheViewPoint will now operate as subsidiaries of Infra, alongside Vault.

Read the full press release here. A version of this announcement was also covered on AdExchanger.


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