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YouTube and TV: Tru Earth's Winning Combination

As discussed in a previous blog, a true convergent and performance TV campaign runs simultaneously across linear, streaming, and online video. The combination is powerful in the sense that it drives scale and performance at the same time. We will expand on this concept by sharing a case study with Tru Earth who layered YouTube into their TV campaign.

Not only did Tru Earth see an increase in website visits, but there was also a real impact on their sales as well. Read the story below to find out more!

Who is Tru Earth?

Founded in 2009, Tru Earth is an eco-friendly laundry strip company that differentiates itself from competitors by offering ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic laundry detergent in pre-measured liquidless strips. Their plastic-jug-free packaging aligns with their commitment to reducing single-use plastic waste.

Adding YouTube to the media mix

Tru Earth had been working with Tatari to run successful TV campaigns on both linear and streaming TV since 2022. They had also been executing impactful YouTube ads on their own but were motivated to achieve even better outcomes. To further increase incremental response, Tru Earth enlisted the help of the Tatari team to execute their YouTube campaigns alongside TV.

Working with Tatari offered several advantages:

  • Programmatic buying expertise: Tatari’s team of experienced programmatic traders consistently optimized strategies to achieve superior performance.

  • Using Data Science: By running a geo-test, Tatari’s data science team was able to calculate the incremental impact of YouTube’s campaigns on Tru Earth’s sales. A synthetic control method allowed us to compare markets that were exposed to YouTube’s ad with control markets that were not exposed to the ad.

  • Enhanced Control: Tatari offered better frequency control and access to third-party verification services for improved viewability, fraud prevention, and brand safety.

A comprehensive 30-day pilot was conducted on YouTube, employing precise targeting strategies like keywords, look-a-like audiences, and Google Affinity audiences. Throughout the campaign, the Tatari team regularly made optimizations several times a week, focusing on specific devices and stages of the customer journey to identify areas of high performance. The goal was to create a full-funnel-focused TV strategy (driving both awareness AND conversions), with the goal of optimizing both cost per view (CPV) and cost per acquisition (CPA).

The TV creative for Tru Earth's campaigns was also utilized on YouTube.

The results: an increase in cost efficiency AND sales

An incrementality test through geo-control groups revealed that the YouTube campaigns had a positive effect on both direct and affiliate (Amazon) sales. 

  • Increase in Amazon Purchases: A geo test showed that there was a 12% increase in purchases (most of which were on Amazon).

  • Visitor Lift: Tru Earth saw a 38% lift in website visitors, demonstrating the effectiveness of their YouTube campaigns.

  • Reduced Cost per Acquisition (CPA): CPA dropped 72% from the start to the end of the campaign.

A promising future: TV and YouTube as key channels

Running YouTube campaigns alongside TV ads proved to be a winning combination. Not only did overall reach and sales increase, but acquisition costs also decreased as well- a true win for Tru Earth! 

Tru Earth envisions TV and YouTube as integral components of its wider marketing strategy going forward and will continue to work with the Tatari team to further optimize their campaigns. 

“It was great working with the Tatari team on YouTube. They made the entire process effortless and provided us with invaluable data and insights to help with our media mix decisions. The team is knowledgeable and did a great job optimizing," shared Jeff Huang, Digital Marketing Manager at Tru Earth.

If you are interested in adding YouTube alongside your TV campaigns, reach out to your Tatari team today! In addition, brands now have the option to include YouTube TV inventory in their campaigns through Tatari without any minimum spending requirement.

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