How Knix Uses TV Ads to Drive Full-Funnel Performance

Earlier this Spring, Tatari presented at FounderMade’s DTC Executive Summit in New York City. This conference brings industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors together to explore the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in the direct-to-consumer sector.

At this event, we were joined on stage by our client Knix, a fast-growing DTC intimates and apparel brand. Together, we discussed what they learned in 3+ years of advertising on TV. During the fireside chat, Deniz Melen, Senior Growth Manager, shared how a performance-driven approach to TV advertising, combined with innovative TV ad campaign measurement tools, unlocked unprecedented growth for Knix. Watch the full video below to learn how Knix:

  • Lowered CPV (cost per visitor) 30% by leveraging Tatari’s similar inventory tool to discover new audiences.

  • Drove a 3K lift in website visitors after airing on premium primetime news content.

  • Decreased target CPA (cost per acquisition) 70%, by airing on non-contextual premium entertainment programming.

  • Optimized creative for TV, resulting in a 2x response rate and a 45% reduction in CPV.

  • Increased conversions 70% by scaling their linear and streaming TV investments ahead of the Black Friday sale period.

  • Consistently grew their branded search volume as their TV investment increased.

Meghan Hill

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