Data-Driven Media Buying

Broad Set of
Media Inventory

Tatari buys across linear TV, streaming direct, and streaming programmatic. We have access to inventory across a wide range of networks and streaming platforms, allowing marketers to easily expand their reach with consistent measurement across the board. Our smart and agile buying tools give us more control and you more transparency into your media buys.

Smart and
Agile Buying

Long gone are the days you need to buy upfront or far in advance—you get flexibility just like other digital ad platforms. And we’re making media buying smarter and more agile. From predictive intelligence to automated order placement, we’re able to buy the most efficient ad placements to hit your KPIs. We understand what to bid so you stay on budget.

Advanced Programmatic Solutions

Further TV’s reach by combining attribution and custom targeting. Our granular targeting empowers you to find the right audience for your brand. Skip the guesswork and reach your market exactly when and where they’re watching. With low minimum spend, you can start small and scale as you see results. Unlike other publisher platforms or streaming-only platforms, Tatari’s view-through and incremental measurement methodologies allow you to see what’s performing well and optimize accordingly.

Control and Transparency

You have full transparency into media buys so you know what’s performing well and where to optimize. And our media buying team has full control to start or stop an ad airing quickly.

Data and rates are not real and are for illustrative purposes.

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