How Agencies Can Grow Their Business with Modern TV Advertising

Many agencies have been reaching out to Tatari since announcing they can license our platform to buy & measure TV ads for their clients. There is clearly a huge opportunity for digital performance agencies to grow revenue and offer a new channel to their clients. For agencies that already buy TV, they see a faster, smarter way to offer linear and streaming to their clients. We hosted a webinar with MediaPost to address the complexities of TV and the most frequently asked questions agencies have when getting started.

Watch our video to learn how agencies can:

  • Buy linear and streaming TV based on performance (not impressions)

  • Measure TV ad campaigns based on outcomes using digital metrics

  • Best practices for getting a client started on TV (measuring both brand and performance campaigns, leveraging data in audience targeting, using historical data, understanding market dynamics, leveraging AI-powered tools in media buying)

  • How to use Tatari alongside other tools such as TheTradeDesk

  • And much more!

Vicky Chang

I love helping businesses grow.


Tatari Launches Agency-focused Business

More than 200 direct brands already use the Tatari platform for buying and measuring TV advertising. Now, agencies will have the same tools, data, and predictive intelligence to offer TV advertising to their clients.

Tatari’s Outcome-Based Measurement for TV Advertising Certified by NBC Universal

Tatari is proud to announce that we have been certified as one of 14 measurement partners by NBC Universal in the Incrementality Measurement/Sales Impact category.

Should Brands Advertise on Netflix?

Unlike its streaming rivals, Netflix shares no impressions data with demand-side partners. So, we decided to dig a little deeper into the numbers and explore if there’s still a case to be made for performance-minded TV marketers.