TV Advertising for Shopify Merchants

How Shopify Merchants Can Get Started on TV

In a recent episode on eCommerce Fastlane’s podcast, Tatari's CEO and Co-Founder, Philip Inghelbrecht joined the discussion to shed light on how Tatari is transforming the world of TV advertising. In this blog post, we will delve into the key highlights of the conversation and discuss how eCommerce brands with limited budgets can start TV advertising.

You can also listen to the full podcast here!

Making TV advertising accessible

TV advertising has always seemed like a distant dream for smaller brands. The complexity, involvement of agencies, and sky-high costs made it nearly impossible to get a foot in the door. But technological advancements have turned the tables, making TV advertising more accessible than ever. Now, even smaller brands, such as those on Shopify, can easily run, measure, and optimize campaigns through self-serve TV ad platforms like Tatari - with as little as $5K. With access to comprehensive TV inventory and valuable insights powered by data science and machine learning, brands can make informed decisions and optimize their advertising strategies at their fingertips. It's as simple as placing ads on Google or Facebook. And with Tatari's direct integration through the Shopify app, merchants can jump into TV advertising without any delay (Tatari is the only TV App Partner In Shopify’s Plus Certified App Program).

Understanding the TV landscape

TV advertising is no longer limited to traditional cable, satellite, or broadcast channels. The rise of streaming TV, including over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) experiences, has transformed the landscape. To succeed in this evolving environment, it's crucial to understand the nuances of both linear and streaming TV. By analyzing audience demographics and program details, brands can tailor their campaigns to reach their target audience effectively. We at Tatari have seen the most success when brands run campaigns on both linear and streaming platforms.

Retargeting: The lowest entry point to TV advertising

The beauty of retargeting on TV lies in its accessibility for small businesses. If you have already accumulated a significant amount of traffic through organic or search and social media channels, TV retargeting allows you to selectively display ads on TVs to your potential customers.

By retargeting those who did not respond to initial untargeted ads, brands can show their ads exclusively to a highly relevant audience. This approach significantly reduces wasted ad spend and yields remarkable conversion metrics. In the case of Manscaped, their sales volume increased by over 30%, while their customer acquisition costs decreased by more than 50%. These results demonstrate the unheard-of efficiency of TV retargeting, making it an attractive option for small Shopify merchants who have never explored TV advertising due to budget constraints. As Philip says, “If you are a small Shopify merchant, you've never done TV and you don't even have $20,000…[Retargeting on TV] is the way to start.”

The ideal time to test TV advertising

With the current economic climate, shifting to TV advertising presents a lucrative opportunity for brands. In the press, we often read about the death of certain marketing channels, and unfortunately, TV was dragged into this. But it’s actually the opposite- in fact, the average American watches approximately three hours of TV daily. There are more diverse programming options than ever before too. Aside from the pandemic-affected 2020, every year has brought more scripted shows to TV.

Unlike some digital advertising channels facing privacy concerns and rising CPMs, TV advertising remains a reliable and transparent medium. It is now more affordable than ever for brands to dip their toes into TV. Any brand that is on Google, Facebook, or any social media platform should be on TV too (and Tatari is here to help!)

(This podcast was part two of a series. In case you missed it, you can listen to Part One here.)

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