Video: Streaming Incrementality Explained

With streaming TV, we have the benefit of 1-to-1 IP-level matching so we can track users from first viewing your ad to taking action on your website or app. With our incremental attribution method, we measure the lift, or additional website or app visitors who saw your ad and responded within a window of time. Learn how we measure incrementality for your streaming TV campaigns in our short video.

Courtney Minson

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Video: View-Through vs. Incrementality: A Clear Way to Measure TV Ad Response

Watch our short video to learn more about our industry-leading incrementality method.

Validating incrementality in baseline+lift models for linear TV

In this article, we put Tatari’s incrementality approach for incrementality in linear TV (dynamic baselining) to the test by comparing it with a pure test-control experiment. 

Mastering TV advertising with Roman: View-through and incrementality in measurement

In this video, you'll learn when to use view-through vs incrementality, the pros and cons of each, and how Roman uses these methodologies together to optimize their campaigns.