How TV Advertising Grows Brands

Over the past 10 years, growth marketers at DTC brands have increasingly used TV ads to scale their business. What if you could analyze over 1,000 of those brands by 80+ different categories (size, industry vertical) and 30+ different metrics (site traffic, spend, ROAS)? No blinded examples (e.g. a healthcare company increased sales), just real companies and proof points. That’s what we set out to do in our latest webinar with the VAB (Video Advertising Bureau), a research organization that provides TV and video advertising insights for marketers. 

The VAB has over 250 insights reports available on their website, with one of their most popular reports being released this year called “25 Ways TV Grows Brands: Powerful Performance Through Full-Funnel Business Outcomes." And while the VAB has put together amazing analysis through syndicated research and independent third-party resources, Tatari’s unique perspective can help complete the picture with real campaign performance data and case studies from over 200 brands that use our platform.

Watch the full video below to learn how:

  1. Brands like GoodRx, Casper, and Ro advertised on TV during their first three years of business to achieve a 138% increase in unique site visitors

  2. Manscaped, a men’s grooming brand, used a blended linear and streaming TV strategy to 3x conversions

  3. Brands like Glossier, Away, and Warby Parker used TV ads to fuel more investor funding

  4. Mobile app brands like Uber, Walmart, Calm, and Gametime leveraged TV advertising to drive new users and app re-engagement

  5. Made in, a premium cookware brand used TV ads to increase streaming TV conversions by 4.5x

Hooman Javidan Nejad

I’m Head of Growth at Tatari and I’ve mastered the art of baking artisan sourdough bread.


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