Video: The Basics of Media Buying - TV Inventory

TV advertising inventory is broken into two main categories: linear and streaming. Linear inventory includes ad placements on traditional broadcast and cable networks. Streaming TV inventory, often referred to as OTT or Connected TV, is internet-based and includes placements on ad-supported platforms.

When it comes to pricing, TV inventory has more variables to consider than other channels. Paid social and search engine marketing prices are traditionally tied to impression counts or supply & demand auctions. The price of TV inventory factors these in, but also takes into account the distribution size (ie. audience) of the network/publisher, the show or genre the ad is placed alongside, or the time of day it’s aired. 

That’s why Tatari’s approach to buying inventory can be critical to your success on TV. We leverage data, analytics, and predictive intelligence to inform our buys - employing a wide range of tactics to fit our client’s needs. 

Tatari can place ads across both linear & streaming TV. This allows you to test which networks, publishers, and demographics are performing best, so you can allocate spend to those areas driving the greatest impact. And we can buy directly from publishers, or programmatically. 

In the video below, you’ll learn more about the TV advertising industry, as well as the three types of inventory that Tatari can help secure for your brand. 

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