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advertising in-house

Buy, measure and optimize linear and streaming TV with Tatari

Tatari has turned TV advertising into digital-like experience: measured, real-time, and the ability to manage campaigns based on performance. Through a combination of technology, data science, and deep relationships with publishers we've developed the industry's leading measurement and buying tools specifically built for TV giving marketers a competitive edge and clear way forward.


Tatari's platform utilizes proprietary data science methodologies to deliver campaign performance measurement that goes beyond views or impressions. We use closed-loop attribution to track metrics that matter to digital-minded marketers: visit, installs, and purchases. Customizable dashboards display network, daypart, or creative performance along with the true incremental lift from an ad campaign.

Media Buying

Traditional ad agencies focus on projected ratings and impressions but using Tatari’s smart and agile media buying tools, you can rely heavily on data, analytics, and predictive intelligence to build media plans and bid on inventory. Whether that’s buying linear directly or streaming via programmatic, you can confidently optimize each creative, publisher, or audience.

Optional Managed Service

Not ready to take on TV advertising in-house? For an additional fee, we'll provide you with a dedicated team of expert media buying and client success managers that will help you with every step of the TV advertising journey - from finding a partner to produce creative assets, to launching your first pilot campaign, to building weekly media plans and optimizations.

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Brand Partners

Our clients come from all stages; from TV novices to experienced advertisers, and different industries, such as financial, insurance, fashion, gaming, home goods, and healthcare. No matter the stage or size of budget - our technology and service put their goals first.


Adding Brand Objectives to a Performance-Focused TV Ad Strategy

Let’s take a look at how three Tatari clients, Nutrafol, Tecovas, and Ro, started their TV journey with a performance-focused mindset and later added brand objectives to drive even stronger campaign results.

Attribution Methodologies for the Modern Marketer

Tatari developed a view-through attribution metric designed, and optimized, solely for TV using TV-specific device graph data and proprietary methodologies.

Frequency capping in streaming TV campaigns

Being able to target customers with the optimal number of views and minimize CPV (and CAC) is a unique advantage of streaming TV, yet the opportunity gets squandered.